Why Baseball Performance Lab?

Baseball Performance Lab is a one of a kind facility and organization designed to give baseball players and teams game improvement, with quantifiable metrics.  We have a unique scientific based process for developing a game plan to improve a hitters performance and to help them achieve their goals. 

Bat fitting

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Bat Fitting

For athletes of all levels and ages

This data driven process will ensure that the hitter gets the best bat recommendation for their current swing using our proprietary BPI metric.  This recommendation is delivered using batted ball and swing data in our fitting app designed with years of in game data. Get fit like the pros and take the guess work out of bat selection.

 *bat not included




A proprietary process for analyzing where a player is today.  This gives players and coaches important feedback on mobility, strengths and potential opportunities for development.

What is included in a Baseline Testing? 

  1. Biometric Measurements
  2. TPI Power Test screens
  3. On Base University screens
  4. K-Vest 3D motion capture
  5. Ground Force Analysis
  6. Swing Analysis – video
  7. Professional Recommendations for improvement




Baseline Testing

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BPL Experience

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Do you want to know it all?  The Skill Set Analysis gives the player all of the information gathered in a Baseline Testing with the addition of a full bat fitting, including BPI recommendation, AMM 3D analysis and detailed reporting.  This is the ultimate MLB experience for any player ready to make the jump in complete understanding of how their body moves, which bat is ideal for their swing and how to dial it in to get to the next level of performance.

What is included in a Skill Set Analysis? 

  1. Biometric Measurements
  2. TPI Power Test screens
  3. On Base University screens
  4. Ground Force Analysis
  5. Swing Analysis – video
  6. Professional Recommendations for improvement
  7. AMM 3D motion capture – full body movement
  8. Bat Fitting – including BPI recommendation
  9. Detailed reporting for full understanding of data