We do not give lessons at the Baseball Performance Lab.  We design training programs to focus on the end result.  Our training programs include a Baseline Testing and Exit Testing so that we know our athletes are achieving their desired outcomes.

There are four training programs the team at BPL have designed.

  1. Basic Fundamentals
  2. Do Damage
  3. Bat to Ball
  4. Controlled Agression


Projected Key Performance Indicators

  • Grip
  • Setup
  • Stride – Heel Plant
  • Contact Position

This program is designed to provide a solid foundation from which advanced skills can be developed.  Poor fundamentals early in a hitter’s career will severely limit their potential ceiling.  Over the 8 weeks your coach will ensure that the athlete has a fundamentally sound grip that matches strength.  Engraining a technically sound setup, load and stride will give the athlete the opportunity to see the ball much better and find their most powerful contact position.

Hitting off tee


Damage is defined as the offensive output a player yields when they contact the ball.  This program is designed for someone that has sufficient Bat to Ball skills and solid decision-making abilities with respect to pitch selection.   For a player to do more Damage we need to first analyze their current mix of Horsepower, Exit Velocity, and Launch Window tendencies.  From there we can custom design their 8 week training program to yield maximum results in power output, technique, and cognitive skills.

Projected Key Performance Indicators

  • Max Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Horsepower
  • Smash Factor


The Bat to Ball Program is built for the athlete looking to improve their contact skills and reduce swing and miss.  Beginning stages of the program will challenge the athlete’s ability to hit velocity at or above their current age group and work into variable velocity pitches of increasing difficulty.  There will also be focus on impact point control on the barrel

Projected Key Performance Indicators

  • Average Exit Velo
  • # of balls within 20% of Max Exit Velo
  • Increased Smash Factor


Controlled Aggression

A well-developed eye at the plate is one of the most impactful characteristics shown by elite hitters.  Improving plate discipline by taking pitches out of the zone and being aggressive on pitches in the zone allows hitters to get into better counts. This leads to the hitter getting more good pitches to hit and a greater opportunity to be aggressive in every at bat.  As a player works through the program, pitches will come in faster, with more movement as well as be more difficult to distinguish between ball and strike.  All sessions will be recorded in the individual player’s folder in their respective HitTrax application.

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