Baseball Performance Lab


Baseball Performance Lab was created to revolutionize the way baseball approaches training and equipment.  What you will experience at BPL will be backed by science, data and proven principles of development.  We are taking the guesswork and assumptions out of the game while providing proven programs, education and product development in a state-of-the-art facility on the campus of Marucci Sports.  BPL is the first baseball development center backed by a leading baseball manufacturer.  With BPL’s partnership with Marucci Sports we can provide the most efficient, effective and educated player development experience.  We use technology, our leading edge app Bat RX and BPI to provide recommendations to athletes of all levels.


State of the Art Technology

We use the best technology in the business to show hitters how their body and equipment performs during an at bat


What is BPI?

Balance Point Index ™ or BPI, was created by the team at the Baseball Performance Lab to describe how a bat actually swings. This index combined with our proprietary BPI Scale have been developed to create a metric that can be applied to any bat.
What’s your BPI?


Baseball Performance Lab BatRX app is only available to our BPL team and MLB teams under contract. BatRX ™ provides the bat fitter and athlete with bat recommendations based on the key data points entered into the app.

In January of 2019, while attending the PGA Show in Orlando, FL, Liam Mucklow was approached by someone in the baseball space to ask him if he could “figure out” bat fitting.  Mucklow, known in the golf industry as a club fitting expert said that he would give it a go.  In August of 2019 the Baseball Performance Lab was born with a partnership with Marucci Sports in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Micah Gibbs joined the team bringing with him baseball expertise and a willingness to learn.  In it’s first year BPL signed two major league baseball teams (still with BPL today) to multi year contracts and has since grown to working with 30% of MLB .