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BatRX App

Baseball Performance Lab BatRX app is only available to our BPL team and MLB teams under contract.  BatRX ™ provides the bat fitter and athlete with bat recommendations based on the key data points entered into the app.


The BatRx Application contains two proprietary algorithms based on 4 years of historical in- game MLB Data merged with bat delivery and subjective player information. 


The Consistency and Power algorithms
allow an organization to understand if
there are situational advantages to certain
aspects of equipment. This can be used to
make better decisions on what bat goes in
a players hand based on factors like ball
park, environmental conditions, or pitcher

In addition to being able to fit and re-fit players
at any point throughout the year the increased
functionality will allow you to enter in-game
historical data to make long term comparisons
with and new bat and its in-cage performance.

Also unique to BatRx Pro version is the ability to
• Import/upload the team roster
• Export a full database in CSV format
• Create custom bats

• Execute unlimited fittings